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Sonia's Mum

A Love Story
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Sonia’s Story

Sonia’s Mum is a transformational love story between a mentally complex mother and the daughter who adored her. I want to share these deeply personal and funny stories so that we can raise awareness for how challenging it is for many people who’ve had mentally ill parents and have struggled to come to terms with their own issues.

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When the red red robin comes

A robin has been visiting our home for the past month. Every day she gets bolder, braver and cheekier. I've even managed to get her to eat out of my hand by dangling old bits of spaghetti to make them look like worms. Having posted a few pictures of the robin eating...

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Air Hair Lair

My beloved mum used to put on silly voices and invent preposterous names to get on LBC radio.  She especially loved Brian Hayes and I was also an avid listener to his show prior to working with him on BBC Radio 2 many years later.   I could spot her a mile off.  One...

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With a little lock

Have you ever used the bottom of a glass as a magnifying device?  Mum did.  She worked out that she could spy on her carers and see what numbers they were pressing into the security locks.  And then, when nobody was watching, she escaped.  I still feel bad for that...

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Maggie Get Your Gun

My mum was arrested in 2010 for threatening a violent teenage gang with her antique WW1 tin gun. Yes, really.  It frightened them off for a bit, until they realised that she was about to stagger through a wooded pathway on her way to the off licence to pick up another...

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All we need is Radio Ma Ma

Radio, whats new? Someone still loves you. Someone? In these days of complex technology, digital life soundtracks and connectivity, we've started listening in our millions to simple voices telling simple stories again. Podcasting and radio in its purest form. Real...

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Pantos and podcasts

It's panto season - oh yes, it is.  Come on, you knew I wouldn't be able to resist that one. Oh, you didn't?  Oh yes you ... OK, OK, I'll stop now.  We rehearsed our panto band last night in our little terraced house - 2 violins, French horn, clarinet, piano, bass and...

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Tell your story!

My precious mum, Margaret Beldom, passed away peacefully on 12th November. She loved hearing all the stories that people shared about their own lives with people with mental health issues. A new conversation is starting, and it’s extraordinary. Please read “Surprise, surprise” and share some stories of your own.

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