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Read about Sonia and her mum’s hilarious antics, where she tells personal stories and highlights the issues of growing up with a mentally ill parent.

All we need is Radio Ma Ma

Radio, whats new? Someone still loves you. Someone? In these days of complex technology, digital life soundtracks and connectivity, we've started listening in our millions to simple voices telling simple stories again. Podcasting and radio in its purest form. Real...

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Pantos and podcasts

It's panto season - oh yes, it is.  Come on, you knew I wouldn't be able to resist that one. Oh, you didn't?  Oh yes you ... OK, OK, I'll stop now.  We rehearsed our panto band last night in our little terraced house - 2 violins, French horn, clarinet, piano, bass and...

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Fourteen Weddings and a Funeral

Driving through London's West End in a vintage double-decker bus is challenging at the best of times, let alone when there are protests and road closures everywhere.  Thanks to my inherited bravery from my lovely mum we managed, but it was tight (and I don't just mean...

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It’s a Jolly Holiday

The garden is quiet, the roads are clear, the neighbours are away and peace is here. Aaah bliss. I'm looking out at a rose that I planted in my mum's memory and wondering where this last year has gone. And now - popping into my head are memories of going on holiday...

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The Intros and Outros

"Kiss my children for me" - the last line of the letter my mother wrote to my step mum just after they'd swapped places in our family. On first reading it's heartbreaking as I cannot imagine what that must have felt like for her, let alone what it made her feel to...

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When new worlds collide

It is five months since my precious mum passed away and I realised this morning that there are so many life-changing things happening at the moment, some of which I've seen and some of which other people have helped me see. Although I think I've been seeing life with...

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Talkin’ ’bout my generation gap

I'm trying to get my head round the fact that my grandmother actually gave birth to me. If you're born with all your ovarian eggs then your mum will have developed hers in her own mother's womb. No surprise then that the resemblances between the generations of...

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Look write

  Mum was always writing strange things in odd places as dementia kicked in. Her new coat had all the names of her carers written upside down on the front which puzzled me for a while until I realised she was writing the names so that she could see them while she...

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About Sonia’s Mum

Sonia’s Mum is a transformational love story between a mentally complex mother and the daughter who adored her. I want to share these deeply personal and funny stories so that we can raise awareness for how challenging it is for many people who’ve had mentally ill parents and have struggled to come to terms with their own issues.

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My precious mum, Margaret Beldom, passed away peacefully on 12th November. She loved hearing all the stories that people shared about their own lives with people with mental health issues. A new conversation is starting, and it’s extraordinary. Please read “Surprise, surprise” and share some stories of your own.

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