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Listen here to Sonia speaking with Jeremy Vine on his BBC Radio 2 show on Friday 9th March about the blog, her mum’s hilarious antics, taking listener questions and highlighting the issues with growing up with a mentally ill parent.

See Sonia on Maxine Mawhinney’s 'The Moment'

See Sonia appear on Maxine Mawhinney’s new show, ‘The Moment’.

Video available on Youtube here.

When mums pick your boyfriends

Knock, knock. Who’s there? “My name’s Matthew. Are you Sar-nee-arr? Your mum told me to come round to your house for afternoon tea.” My dad was pretty relaxed about it. I, on the other hand, wasn’t. I was thirteen, hugely embarrassed, and a strange, enthusiastic,...

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The instructions were clear. “Hi Mum. Plumber arriving at 10am to plumb in new toilet. Please let him in and show him where the bathroom is and don’t worry about payment as I’ve got it all sorted.” Simple enough? Yes, I thought so too. Fast forward to 6pm, excited by having my own private toilet at last I ran upstairs to have a look. I’ve never seen a 4 foot waste disposal pipe at the back of a loo before and I’ve never, ever seen a toilet in the middle of the room. The scribbled red-pencil note taped to the toilet seat said “Your mother insisted – I tried to put the loo where you wanted. I will have to charge you extra for the waste disposal pipe.”

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Humpty Numpty

No matter how old we are, when parents swear it's always shocking. Mum swears all the time these days and although we're all horrified by the words that come out they make us laugh first, outraged second and admonishing last. Why is that? Why do we laugh after being...

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Scrambled Eggheads

At age 5 I asked my Mum what a Europe was and she told me that it was like a huge cake with dozens of countries in it. I whispered to myself that she obviously meant "currants", but I was seriously worried about how a cake could be made that was even bigger than...

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Asking the Right Questions

Sometimes life can be very simple if you ask the right questions. That's always been my belief anyway, like "How do you fancy us coming to play in the restaurant lounge when you have an event on?" or "If I got myself qualified as a bus driver can I drive some of your...

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Oh Danny Boy – la loo la loo la lay

At 4am on Christmas morning 3 years ago, we were woken to Danny Boy being played on our piano - full volume, same left hand chord throughout and high-pitched singing to accompany it.  Mum was staying for Christmas and together with her early hours cabaret she decided...

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About Sonia’s Mum

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Sonia Beldom is the daughter of a mischievous, hilariously insightful and loving mother with mental health issues. Years of erratic behaviour led to her mum being sectioned and diagnosed with bi-polar, frontal lobe abnormality, BPD & anxiety when at age 80. Sonia’s mum is one of a lost generation of women who went un-diagnosed in the 60s & 70s, when mental health issues weren’t properly addressed or discussed openly.  These stories aim to give strength and support to anyone with a family member who has mental health issues.
It’s a transformational love story between an extraordinary mother and her daughter who adores her – despite her off-the-scale embarrassing behaviour and hilarious views on life.

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