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See Sonia on Maxine Mawhinney’s 'The Moment'

Hear Sonia on Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 Show

Listen here to Sonia speaking with Jeremy Vine on his BBC Radio 2 show on Friday 9th March about the blog, her mum’s hilarious antics, taking listener questions and highlighting the issues with growing up with a mentally ill parent.


Things My Mother Writes in Books

Whenever Mum has travelled, she’s done it in style; her style.  No itineraries, formal arrangements or the usual panic about getting everything sorted before leaving the house, oh no.  Mum just ups and offs.  Or used to.  When I sorted her house out I found extraordinary accounts of her adventures, some of which I knew about and many I didn’t.  She annotated everything and even made up her own travel albums about MY adventures too, replacing actual photographs with clippings from magazines and pictures of women who looked a bit like me.

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Mumbelievable Mother’s Day

As Mother's Day in the UK draws to a close, I can honestly say that there's never been a day like it. Having spoken on Jeremy Vine's show on BBC Radio 2 a couple of days ago about this blog, my precious mum, her lifelong mental illness struggles and our...

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The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and My Mother

I once told Les Dawson a Mum anecdote and he said, “I’ll probably use that in my act.” He was amused by the growing number of landlords and landladies in the UK and told this wonderful story on-air when I was working for BBC Radio 2. When he complained about the...

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Putting the “fun” in funeral.

There’s nothing quite like a funeral for raising the blood pressure. I’ve taken Mum to a few and each one has been a disaster on the day, a hilarious story the day after. When Mum’s best friend at the care home died a few years ago, Mum banged on the coffin with her...

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Any more fares please?

I drove my first RML bus yesterday – the classic red London bus from the 50s – and thought about my lovely mum. She knows I’m somehow connected with buses but can’t recall the whole picture. I’m still elated from the drive and a bit sad at the same time as I can’t...

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Mum wants to be Gracie Fields

“I’m Gracie Fields and my favourite person is Toni Blair.” Mum noted these things down when we were writing and drawing together recently. Her picture of a chicken would have had Picasso scratching his head, but it all made sense to her. Toni with an “i”, not Tony...

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About Sonia’s Mum

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Sonia Beldom is the daughter of a mischievous, hilariously insightful and loving mother with mental health issues. Years of erratic behaviour led to her mum being sectioned and diagnosed with bi-polar, frontal lobe abnormality, BPD & anxiety when at age 80. Sonia’s mum is one of a lost generation of women who went un-diagnosed in the 60s & 70s, when mental health issues weren’t properly addressed or discussed openly.  These stories aim to give strength and support to anyone with a family member who has mental health issues.
It’s a transformational love story between an extraordinary mother and her daughter who adores her – despite her off-the-scale embarrassing behaviour and hilarious views on life.

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