What were your favourite childhood sweets or were you one of the lucky ones whose mum gave them organic carrot sticks and tooth friendly low sugar stuff?  When I was little sherbert lemons and fruit salad chewies were great and rhubarb and custard boiled sugar sweets were my favourite.  Mainly because they could mask the flavour of my dearly departed mum’s atrocious cooking.  They played havoc with my teeth of course and one day I might get round to changing all the metallic fillings to invisible fillings, but I’m not quite that vain … YET.  Talking to my dear friend Sue across in Provence I’d forgotten to take my semi-precious stones necklace off and we were discussing colour themes for blogs and podcasting in general.  I’ve chosen rhubarb and custard colours for the podcast page and Sue helpfully added that my necklace could be a regular appearance as it has yellow and pink semi-precious stones in it. YES!

This is a short-ish blog to tell you that the trailer for the MUMBELIEVABLE podcast trailer is now up on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  I’m beyond excited and we’ve already got five shows in the can thanks to the professionalism, enthusiasm and speed of Ultimate Content who are producing the podcast with me. The reaction from agents and VIPs has been incredible, so we’re confident that this little pod is going to fly.

Here’s a link to the new MUMBELIEVABLE podcast page on there website. You can listen to the 1-minute trailer there and see the colours.

Here’s the trailer if you fancy a quick 1-minute listen.   

The more shares and likes we get the better at this early stages because I’m told that clicks and likes are super important in podcast land.  It’s all a bit new to me as I’m still thinking back to the old days of producing BBC Radio shows where editing involved razor blades, sticky tape and chinagraph pencils. I hope that lots of people will feel like share their own stories and open up conversations about tricky relationships as well as celebrating the great ones.  

Do you have a mum story to share?  I’d love to include other stories in the podcast if you’re up for that.  

Right … I’m going to buy myself a packet of rhubarb and custard sweets to keep me going while we put the finishing flourishes to the episodes.  Exciting times, even though my teeth won’t thank me.  Sorry Simon (my fabulously brilliant and hilarious dentist).  I promise to clean my teeth, unlike my mum who lost all hers when she hit 50 and never nagged me to clean mine when I was little. Maybe I’ll go for the chewies on second thoughts, but then again no, because the last chewy thing made the veneer on my front tooth come off and nobody wants to hear a whistling podcaster. Decisions, decisions …

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