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As soniasmum grows, it appears to be a source of strength to many people who are going through the heartache of having a parent with dementia and mental health issues. The stories of our recent conversations and many hysterical tales of mum’s alternative behaviour patterns (let’s put it that way for now) are an affectionate tribute to my meddlesome mum. My hope is to show how understanding and love can break through the behaviour and preserve the person behind it. It’s cathartic to share stories, isn’t it? I’m finding that by writing them down and having feedback from friends, colleague and blog readers around the world, it’s making sense of a childhood disrupted by my mum’s challenging ways. With grown-up eyes I can now see it for what it was … a mother doing everything she could to love and support her daughter … but in the eyes of society and convention, getting it all very wrong. Yes, psychological issues arose around it, but they’ve all contributed to the person I am today and I wouldn’t turn the clock back to change anything. OK, maybe the porridge incident, but … well, you know.

Do you have stories to share?

Would it help you to put them into writing and have them out there for others to find a connection with – and inspiration from?

I hope so as it’s all too easy to become bogged down with the problems and not being able to see the funny and uplifting side of it.

I’d love to hear from you. Mum’s fan base is increasing and she’s blissfully unaware of any of it. And that’s the way it should be.

These are our stories – let’s own them.

Sonia x

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