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I’ve told mum that I’m going to write a blog. Of course, she knows nothing about blogs, social media, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and when I tried explaining that I’m going to be publishing stories that capture our conversations over the years she was thrilled. “Am I going to be a writer after all?” Well, you’ll be featured, Mum. I’m going to be doing the writing part. “I once wrote a play for Tommy Steele, you know.” I know, Mum, I’ve still got the letter. Let’s break off here a moment to share with you that Mum’s writing was creative, insightful, colourful and erratic with a capital E. She has only recently been diagnosed with multiple mental health problems, some newly acquired, like gradual dementia, and some that should have been diagnosed many years ago, but weren’t. With the heady mix of borderline personality disorder, frontal lobe abnormality, anxiety and depression, it’s a wonder to me that she was able to do what she did by raising me to be a loved, creative, brave woman who loves and adores a mother who created some of the most eye-wateringly embarrassing situations and some of the deepest, most honest and loving scenarios that any mother and daughter can share. She’s a one off, and now, through sharing some of our conversations, she’s become something of a cult figure, with friends and colleagues waiting for the next instalment. Thank you, folks, for pushing me to start this blog, and I hope that we will all be sharing Mum stories as we go. No matter how excruciating Mum’s antics have been in the past, I see them all with a different lens now as every single action was based on love and caring – even though it didn’t appear so at the time. Back to our conversation. Mum, these are stories I’m going to write on the computer – have you heard the word BLOG? “Nonsense, I don’t like it.” Don’t like what, Mum? “Blog – silly word. Why do they have to give everything silly names?” But you love words, Mum. “My biro’s run out. Enough talking; did you bring me any toffees?” I’ll be going in reverse for a while, replaying some of our old conversations that were pasted up on Facebook, so forgive the repetition if you’ve already seen them and please share them if they touch you or you think anyone would be interested. Especially other daughters who are going through difficult times as their mothers grow older. One of my dearest friends replies “Quite right, Sonia’s mum” when I post funny stories, which is the basis for this blog’s title. If you’re reading this … thank you. Until next time

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